Work for Culligan, a worldwide leader in water treatment. 

Why Work for Culligan? 

Culligan is an industry-leading water solutions provider with a worldwide presence. Known as the water experts for over 80 years, we pride ourselves on offering water treatment products that provide our consumers a better lifestyle and also help to preserve the environment.

In addition, Culligan believes in giving back to the community. We feel that as an international company it is our duty to be a leader in social responsibility. That is why we are involved in both local community projects and international clean water initiatives.

Culligan Careers

Culligan Employment Opportunities

HH Sales

This is an outside sales position, meeting customers in their homes and performing water analysis and product demonstrations. This position will be prospecting for customers using creative methods of sales, referrals, networking, marketing and appointment setting. Sales Representatives have marketing assistance and tools to assist them with prospecting. A positive attitude and the goal to provide the best solution possible is the key to driving sales in this position.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Install new water conditioning, drinking water and other related units.
  • Help customers understand their water conditioning equipment and its proper functions.
  • Build solid, long lasting relationships with customers whom you help.
  • Work closely with sales and customer service departments to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Report to management on issues, communicate daily on any changes you feel should be made.
  • Clean up after yourself should any product spill / boot tracks. Wear booties if necessary.
    • Lay down tarps, solder should be wiped with gloves and off of floor.
    • Cleaner than when you got there!
  • Drain line should be secured with hose clamps (2 minimum) at or other appropriate measure at terminus
    • Run should be level and organized – minimize drooping
  • Plumbing type should be same as existing unless otherwise noted
  • Reverse Osmosis
    • Drain secured with appropriate air gap (if applicable)
    • Filter change sticker on tank & cupboard door
    • Verbally remind customer of annual filter change (if home)
    • Put back items in cupboard
  • Maintain stock levels on truck according to inventory sheet
  • If customer has inquiries about why equipment is being stalled or hesitations, contact salesperson if you cannot overcome. Do not question sales staff in front of customer.
  • Home should be in better condition than when you got there!

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